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The Head Injury Center
Located in Charlotte, NC.

We specialize in offering interdisciplinary treatment to meet the broad range of needs for individuals with acquired brain injuries.  The mission of Carolina Neuroservices is to maximize independence of the individual with brain injury within the local community.

 Carolina Neuroservices - The Head Injury Center was created in 1991 by P. Jeffrey Ewert, Ph.D.  Dr. Ewert obtained his doctorate in Clinical Neuropsychology from the University of Houston and specializes in the evaluation and treatment of persons who have suffered head injuries.  He is a member of the International Neuropsychological Society, National Academy of Neuropsychology, and the American Psychological Association.  Dr. Ewert has researched, lectured, and published numerous papers on head injury rehabilitation for adults and adolescents, and provided expert testimony in brain injury cases throughout the Southeast for many years.

Specifically, we provide evaluation and therapies for individuals experiencing neurological problems resulting in cognitive impairment and adjustment problems secondary to the neurological disorder.  A complete list of programs and services we offer are explained in detail on the services menu. We are the official providers of concussion management and neuropsychological evaluations for the Charlotte Checkers.

** Please let us know if you will need assistance with the stairs to our second floor office. No elevator is available. Visits to another location can be scheduled ** 


PostHeaderIcon Neuropsychological Evaluations

Carolina Neuroservices offer several comprehensive neuropsychological test batteries to assess, aid in diagnosis, and guide in the treatment of each individual patient.  The testing identifies neurocognitive impairment by evaluating attention, memory, visual perceptual abilities, executive functioning, language, intelligence (IQ), motor skills, tactile functioning, and personality.  Age ranges for pediatric and adolescent evaluations are 4 - 17 years while adult evaluations are from 18 - 80+ years.  If you are interested in the testing, please visit the New Patient Info page and follow the instructions for making an appointment for an initial consultation.

PostHeaderIcon What is Neuropsychology?

As a discipline, neuropsychology studies the relationship between brain function and behavior.  Neuropsychologists administer and interpret behavioral tests to understand an individual’s thinking or “cognitive” skills.  These tests help determine the existence and extent of brain dysfunction and help guide the use of medications and rehabilitation.